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Timestamp and Plagiarsim services

Protect your contents, by certifying their authorship through the timestamp on blockchain, check copyright violations and use legal services in the case of abuse of intellectual property.

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The timestamp on blockchain is a service that allows you to prove the authorship of a work and to certify the date of existence. An IT process, legally recognized, through which you can protect your own creativity, a real proof of copyright applicable to any intellectual work, legally valid and recognized worldwide, which can be used by the author as a proof against possible cases of plagiarism, copyright infringement, counterfeiting, misuse and illicit spread of the content.

Certify the intellectual property of your creativity thanks to blockchain technology.

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A plagiarism software is an automated system that allows to instantly detect duplicate contents, in whole or in part, that infringe the intellectual property rights of another author. The plagiarism monitoring of contents offered by FidelityHouse Chain takes advantage of some of the best softwares on the market, aggregating the results through a proprietary algorithm in order to ensure the most reliable and accurate one. The system will notify immediately any plagiarism, along with the necessary details for verification.

Make sure no one is copying your contents, infringing copyright.

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The proof Of License suite will enable the author to associate to each own content “certified” by Proof of Authorship the license type among those prepared by our legal team specialized in intellectual property and to define the details the beneficiaries (publishers and companies) This information will be tracked on permissionless blockchains and will enable at any time the check and the rights associated with contents. In the future a smart contract ecosystem will be created to run royalty and licensing transactions in real time.

For each work, determine whether to reserve all rights or grant them freely.

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Thanks to the services offered by FidelityHouse Chain, the author and its creativity are always protected! Following the detection of copyright infringement of the content certified by timestamp on blockchain, the system will notify immediately any plagiarism. The author, therefore, may request the service of legal protection offered by the platform itself in order to protect its content. Ownership and intellectual property rights are our priority!

Entrust our experts to assert your rights in the event of infringements detected.

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Our Prices

All the services listed above, offered by FidelityHouse Chain, can only be purchased through FIH Tokens.
The user should have, therefore, in his FidelityHouse Chain Wallet the necessary amount of FIH.

What is FIH Token?

FIH Token is a real ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. They can only be purchased through the P2PB2B exchange.


70 FIH (2,73 CHF)

Text Plagiarism Monitoring

Manual ( 250 words )
15 FIH (0,585 CHF)

Weekly / Monthly ( 250 words )
12 FIH/check (0,468 CHF)

Image Plagiarism Monitoring

8 FIH (0,312 CHF)

5 FIH/check (0,195 CHF)

Choose the option Weekly / Monthly and we’ll do the check for you!
We will remind you the plagiarism check and we will notify you in case of infringement detected